Business Philosophy

Oakbrook was founded on the basic principles and belief that diligence, a pro-active approach, and a principal-to-client relationship are fundamental to providing the highest, continuous, value-added service possible. Inherent in our philosophy are Oakbrook's core values, which we strive to achieve each and every day.



We strive to conduct ourselves in a professional manner that conforms to the highest standards of ethical behavior, honesty, and integrity. Delivering on our promises, assuming responsibility for our actions, and inspiring our clients' trust is our highest priority.


Our clients' interests always come first. We are focused on creating long-term relationships by being responsive, pro-active, and consistently exceeding expectations.


Our clients entrust us to protect their investments and provide expert consultation. Our goal is to increase the value of our clients' assets above the value at the time our stewardship began.


We employ a disciplined approach to our work. Through continuous education and research, we embrace the details and complexities of our business to produce consistent outcomes and achieve maximum results.


We do our best to constantly justify our reputation for excellence. Our clients tell us that our people and our approach to business are what differentiate our firm over the long-term. This is an important part of our firm's character and we are committed to achieving the highest quality standards in all aspects of our business.


We encourage a positive work experience through communication and collaboration while providing the tools and training necessary for all our team members to be successful. We recognize and embrace our responsibility to give back to the communities in which we live and work.

Oakbrook Team

Over 12 million sq. ft under management

"Oakbrook has extensive Real Estate industry expertise in commercial real estate, brokerage and property management. Their proven track record of helping property owners drive positive cash flows, along with their strong local reputation as one of the best companies to work with makes Oakbrook an excellent partner."

– Douglas Berry, Principal,
SVA Certified Public Accountants